Anonymous said: what patriarchy? i don't see one existing in america or most of western society, but i want to know your views.


haha, what? are you claiming that america isn’t dominantly run by males? i mean just in terms of business structure, financial power, political leadership, you think things are totes gucci lmao sexism is over we did it? thats delusional on a level i can’t even fuck with right now. i don’t know why you’re specifying western society either because even when it comes to the percentage of women in government, america is literally 80th on the list. 

with all that aside, in feminist theory the patriarchy issue focuses more on a flawed social system that oppresses women. when a woman is harassed on the street she’s told to learn to take a compliment. when she’s sexually assaulted she’s questioned about her outfit, her sobriety, and is told she asked for it. if you don’t think that’s wrong then i swear to god i’m going to punch a flower i’m not even joking i’ll go outside and do it right fucking now.

but wait! there’s more! the destruction of this male dominated social society benefits males too! whaaa? feminist theory? benefitting my DICK? go on! I WILL! the current patriarchal construct only benefits a specific type of male and frowns upon anybody that breaks that gender mold. in other words, this is why i was beat up in school bathrooms and called a faggot growing up. this is why boys are told not to be a sissy, don’t be a pussy, man up, and most of all don’t be a girl. soldiers come back from war with full blown ptsd and are too afraid to reach out and ask for help with their emotional problems because it would make them feel emasculated. males are so afraid to show any bit of genuine emotion and for what, because we’re taught that it’s an insult to be compared to a girl? that’s compete and utter fucking insanity.

and don’t even get me started on things like parental visitation or child custody favoritism toward females. these things are also considered a sexist double standard and feminism aims to dismantle it. despite what youtube comments tell you, feminism really is the fight for gender equality. 

fight the patriarchy, destroy gender roles, support feminism, drink lots of water, look at clouds that are cool shapes, be the cutest version of yourself you can be. be fucking happy.

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